Friday Fiction – The Gift

Beyond the Shadowlands Prologue Part 3

All of Creation celebrated.  The Three-in-One stood back and watched with relish as Adam rejoiced in Their gift of love – Eve.

Adam and Eve took no notice of any of it.  They had eyes only for one another.  Adam, shy at first but excited to meet someone like him – his own kind, and yet different – couldn’t wait to share everything with Eve.  But first, he just talked to her.  He was filled with questions, most of which she had no answers for.  And for her part, she was filled with questions as well.  Who was he?  And who was she?  What was this place?  Where had all of this come from?


Finally, she noticed everyone around them.  The Three-in-One standing there, waiting patiently.  Angels, watching the whole scenario with joy.  Animals, timid at first but overcome with curiosity, looking to see who this was that their friend Adam was now talking with.

Adam somehow knew just what to do.  Putting his arm around Eve, he began to introduce her to everyone, beginning with the Three-in-One.  Eve bowed humbly before Them, but They lovingly raised her up.  “Daughter, Mother of all who will live,” Logos said.  “Welcome!  We have a gift for you to celebrate your arrival!”

Eve wondered what a “gift” was.

Elyon, her Father, spoke up.  “My child,” he said, “a gift is something special that I have chosen to freely give you – something that will bring you great joy and pleasure.  Adam,” He continued, “this gift is for you to enjoy as well, but it is in celebration of Eve.  It is a special place for you both – a home.  All of this Creation is for you to enjoy together, but this home is a place of rest, of tranquility – a place to which you will always return.  It is a place in which every night you will find refreshment and restoration for your souls.”  He smiled at both of them, the excitement on His face evident as He told them about this special surprise.

Logos continued for the Three-in-One.  “Adam, We formed you from the dust of the ground, in the wilderness.  You were created for adventure, but without Eve, your heart was incomplete.  Eve was created from your side, close to your heart – and so, while you love adventure and love the wilderness, she also loves adventure, but she will always long for home.  Her need and desire for home will complement your desire to explore.  Together, you will complete one another.  And just as in one another you will find completion, so both of you will only find completion in and with Us.”

Ruach swirled around Adam and Eve, colors glistening in a beautiful array.  “We have planted a Garden for you to the east of here – a refuge that, in all the world, will be your own special place.  Animals may come and go; We will visit you there and walk with you there.  But it will be your home.  Everything you will ever need will be provided there for you.  When you wander and explore and find yourselves hungry, thirsty, tired – return to this place and you will be restored.”

The Three-in-One now spoke together, their voices in complete unison, somehow both distinct and yet also indistinguishable from one another.  “This Garden is named Eden.  Come now and walk with us, and we will lead you there.”

As they journeyed together, the Three-in-One spoke of the bounty that Adam and Eve would find there – trees and plants and bushes, fruits and vegetables of every kind.   Living, sparkling water.  Shade from the sunlight, a gentle breeze.  All they could imagine or desire, and more.

“I give to you every tree and plant of the Garden to eat for food – all except one,” said the Three-in-One.  “There are two trees at the center of the Garden – the Tree of Life, and the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil.  Do not eat from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, for if you do, in that day, your spirit will die.  Our relationship will suffer separation.”

At these words, both Adam and Eve shivered involuntarily.  Neither of them had experienced death nor separation, and yet, as Image-Bearers, they knew the meaning of the word.

“Come!  Come up and see!” Logos beckoned joyfully, running on ahead of them, climbing up a sloping grass-covered hillside.  As Elyon climbed with them, His face beaming, Ruach blew at their backs, speeding them along.

In a moment, they topped the rise of the hill and stopped, shocked at what stretched out before the eyes in the valley below them.

“Welcome to Eden!  Come and enjoy!” the Three-in-One invited.

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  1. Very interesting point about the consequence of death and separation. They had no history or experience with that! But as image bearers there could be some sense of that it was “bad.” Although they had no experience with “bad” either! I thought, maybe that played into Eve’s vulnerability to the serpent’s lie, but the rest of us have experience and it doesn’t seem to have a protective effect . . .

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