Friday Fiction – The Serpent

Shadowlands Prologue Part 6

Eve stood in clearing, waiting for Adam.  She was mesmerized by the two Trees in front of her.  Why had they waited so long to come here – to just look at these two majestic Trees?  She told herself again that there was no harm in looking, in enjoying the beauty.

“They ARE majestic, aren’t they?”

Eve jumped at the silky voice.  She turned to see a beautiful creature, a serpent, standing there beside her, gazing up at the Trees.  How had he come up beside her so suddenly without her hearing him?  She was distracted from the Trees for a moment by his beauty.  Variegated fur ruffled in the wind, patterns swirling across his body.

“Yes, they are,” she answered.  “What is your name?  I don’t think we’ve met, and I thought I knew all the serpents that lived in the Garden.”

“My name?” he asked.  “My name isn’t really important.  But you!  You and Adam are the crowning achievements of Creation!  And here you are, admiring these majestic fruit trees in your Garden.  Tell me,” and he put a paw on her shoulder, “how does the fruit from that Tree taste?”

“I don’t know,” she replied.

“You don’t know?  You don’t know how the fruit of one of your own trees tastes?  How can that be?” he asked.

Eve suddenly felt very foolish.  It WAS her Tree, after all…hers and Adam’s.  She looked up at it again, taking in the lush fruit that hung, ripe and ready to be plucked.

The serpent spoke again.  “Let me guess,” he said.  “Did Elyon tell you not to eat that fruit?  Did he really place you in this beautiful Garden, tell you it was a gift for you, and then tell you that couldn’t eat any fruit from any of these beautiful trees?  What a shame.”  He shook in his head at the thought.

“No, that’s not right,” Eve said, glancing at him for an instant.  But her eyes were drawn back to that fruit.  It hung so low to the ground.  Without realizing it, she began to walk slowly towards the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.  “The Three-in-One didn’t tell us we couldn’t eat from any tree in the Garden.  He warned us not to eat from that tree, not even to touch its fruit,” she said, pointing, “or if we did, our spirits would die.”

The serpent threw back his head and laughed.  “Your spirits will NOT die,” he said.  “You foolish woman!  How could you believe that?  Eating a piece of fruit would cause you to die?  Oh, my.  I can’t believe that you have been so deceived.  Elyon doesn’t want you to eat that fruit because…well, I probably shouldn’t tell you.”

They were now standing right under the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, a branch laden with fruit at eye-level, right in front of Eve.  It looked so ripe, so luscious – unlike any other fruit she had ever eaten.  It smelled delicious.  Her mouth began to water.  She responded to the serpent without taking her eyes off of the fruit: “What?  Tell me, serpent.  Why doesn’t Elyon want us to eat the fruit?”

“Yes, why?”  It was Adam.  He had returned, having discovered nothing but a couple of broken branches on a few small trees.  “Why would Elyon lie to us?  Why would he tell us not to eat this fruit?”

The serpent laughed again.  “Why?  Because he is afraid!  He doesn’t want you to eat this fruit because this fruit is special – it is magic.  The truth is that if you eat this fruit, you won’t die.  Instead, you will become just as wise and as powerful as him!  There are things you don’t know and don’t understand – and this fruit will make you wise.  Your eyes will be opened to things that are hidden from you!”

“Really?” Adam asked.  “Why would you say that?”

The serpent didn’t answer.  Instead, he tightened his grip on Eve’s shoulder, pushing her closer to the branch.  “Look at it,” he whispered.  “It’s so beautiful.  You can smell how wonderful it is…can you imagine how it must taste?  And think of it – one bite and you’ll become like Elyon.  You’ll be like the creator.  You could do anything you want!”

Adam stood there silently, unsure of what to do.

Eve looked at the fruit – smelled it.  She caressed it with her eyes.  It looked so lovely – more than any fruit she had ever eaten.  And it would taste so good.  And…it would make her as wise as Elyon?  She felt so foolish that she had never eaten it.

The serpent pointed with his other paw.  “Go ahead and touch it,” he said.  “You’ll see.  Nothing will happen.  Then you’ll know it’s okay to eat it.”

She reached out and touched it.  Nothing happened.

So she wrapped her hand around it and plucked it from the Tree.

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