Friday Fiction – The Fall

Shadowlands Prologue – Part 7

Eve plucked the fruit from the tree and pulled it close, inspecting it.  Fresh juice ran down her hand, some dripping off her wrist, some off her elbow.  The smell was intoxicating.  As she looked, the fruit seemed like no other piece of fruit she had ever seen before.  It was beautiful, the most appealing thing she could ever remember seeing.  It seemed that the air carried the taste before she even bit into it.  Desire welled up within her.

The serpent watched, expectantly.  Eve glanced at Adam, but he was as captivated by the fruit as she was.

Enough of this.  She raised the fruit to her mouth and bit into it.  Juice dribbled down her chin as taste, unlike anything she had ever before experienced, burst in her mouth.  “Adam!” she exclaimed.  “You have to try this!”

He reached for it, and she extended the fruit to his mouth.  He bit in also, and found the experience as delightful as had Eve.

The serpent began to laugh.  He turned and walked off into underbrush.

And then everything changed.

Both of them realized at the same instant that they were naked.  Despite the fact that no other human being was there, just the two of them – two who had shared intimacy since their creation – they were suddenly ashamed.  Blushing, clutching to cover themselves up, they turned away from one another, looking for something, anything they could find.

Eve was the first to speak. “We need to…we have to make something to cover ourselves with,” she stuttered.  “Over there – those leaves.  We can weave some of them together.”  For the first time ever, they were both ashamed to look at one another.

They had just finished fashioning simple clothes for themselves when they heard something.  It was the Three-In-One, walking through the Garden, calling their names.  “Adam!  Eve!  Where are you?”

“Quick!” Adam whispered.  “We have to hide!  They can’t see us like this!”  Scrambling, they crawled under some bushes – another first for them.

The Three-in-One came striding into the clearing and stopped.  Looking around, they called out.  “Adam.  Eve.  Where are you?  Why are you hiding?”

Trembling with shame and embarrassment, they stayed underneath the bushes.  Eve jabbed at Adam with her finger.  “Say something!” she hissed.  “They know we’re here!”

“We hid…because we heard you coming…and we were naked,”  Adam said in a quavering voice.

As Adam and Eve peered through the leaves, the Three-in-One lowered their head.  It seemed as though waves of sadness – something Adam and Eve had never experienced before – flowed from the Three-in-One.  “Come out,” the Three-in-One said quietly.  As Adam and Eve crawled out, the Three-in-One resolved into their three separate forms.  Elyon stood there, magnificent and glorious, and Adam and Eve couldn’t bear to look at Him.  At His right hand, Logos stood.  It seemed that water flowed from His eyes.  Above them both, Ruach hovered, His Presence peaceful and comforting and yet…and yet, it was also convicting.  Adam and Eve knew they had done something terrible.

Elyon looked at both of them, love radiating from His very being.  And yet, Adam and Eve still could not bear to look up at His face – that beautiful, loving face that they had looked at and talked with on so many occasions.

“Who told you that you were naked?” He asked.

No response.  Ashamed silence.

“Did you eat from the Tree that I commanded you not to eat from?”

There was no accusation in the voice.  Only a deep sadness.

“It wasn’t me.” Adam spoke up.  “It was the woman.  The one YOU gave me.”

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