Friday Fiction – Judgment

Shadowlands Prologue Part 8

“Did you eat from the Tree that I commanded you not to eat from?”

There was no accusation in the voice.  Only a deep sadness.

“It wasn’t me.” Adam spoke up.  “It was the woman.  The one YOU gave me.”

Elyon looked Eve.  “Is this true? What have you done, Eve?”

“It was the serpent YOU created,” she said.  Neither she nor Adam would look up at Elyon.

Elyon continued to stand in front of Adam and Eve.  But Logos turned towards the underbrush.  In a loud voice – a voice that Adam and Eve had never heard Him use – he commanded, “Serpent!  Come out!  Show yourself!”

They heard a rustling in the bushes, and then the serpent appeared, skipping out into the clearing.  He laughed and pranced with glee.  “Isn’t this something?” he asked.  “Now, whatever are you going to do?  Are you to kill these Image-Bearers like you promised?  I can’t wait to see!”

Elyon turned to the serpent and pronounced judgment.  “I will deal with my Children in a moment.  But first, you.  You were a liar and a deceiver from the beginning.  Your rebellion grows deeper.  And now – now, you are cursed above all livestock and and all wild animals.  You will crawl on your belly and you will eat dust all the days of your life.”  As he spoke, the serpent shriveled, his paws and arms receding into his side, his fur falling off, and his two legs and tail melding into one long, hairless tail.  He fell to the ground, now a long, thin creature that looked like a vine with no leaves.  As Adam and Eve watched in shock, scales grew over his pale skin, covering him.  He slithered now, backing away from Elyon.

But Logos stopped his progress, stepping in his path.  Elyon continued, “I will put enmity between you and the woman, and between your offspring and hers.”  He looked up from the serpent at Logos, tears in His eyes.  “This serpent will strike at your heel, my Son.”  As Adam and Eve watched, it seemed as though Logos was transformed for an instant – He looked as though He had been badly beaten.  Blood was flowing from his forehead, and wounds appeared in His hands, His feet, and His side.  Adam and Eve both blinked – what was this?  But just as quickly, He appeared as He always had, whole and perfect.  Something must have been playing tricks with their eyes.

Elyon looked back at the serpent.  “Yes, you will strike at His heel.  But my Son will crush your head.  He will finish this.”

Logos stepped aside, and without a word, the serpent slithered off into the deep grass.

Then Elyon turned back to Adam and Eve.  He sighed deeply. 

“Eve,” he said, his voice filled with love.  “My dearly beloved daughter.  Because of your choice, pain has entered my Creation.  This means that your pain in child-bearing will be multiplied.  Giving birth to new Image-Bearers will involve painful labor.  You will desire to please your husband, and yet to control him.  But he will rule over you – not always in an honorable way.”

And then He looked at Adam.  “My dearly beloved son,” He said, “You kept silent.  You did not protect Eve.  You listened to her, and You ate the fruit, disobeying My command.  Because of these actions, my Creation has been corrupted.  The ground is now cursed, and will not bear fruit without great toil and work.  You will labor hard to produce food, and yet weeds will grow and choke what you have planted.  Life will now be much more difficult, much different than you have known.”

He paused for a moment, then spoke again.  “Adam, I created you from the ground – from the dust of the earth.  Eve, you were created from Adam.  And so both of you came from the dust of the earth, and both of you shall return to the dust of the earth.”

Adam and Eve were stunned.  They didn’t understand exactly what this meant, but it sounded ominous.

And then the Three-in-One spoke together.  This time, Adam and Eve understood clearly.

“You must leave Eden.  You cannot be here, and you cannot come here ever again.”

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