The Day After Easter

Today is the day after Easter – what used to be known as “Easter Monday.” 

For the first Christ-followers, the day after the first Easter was a day full of wonder and expectancy.  The women at the tomb on Easter Sunday morning had seen the empty tomb, and had even seen the resurrected Jesus.  Some of the disciples had seen Jesus on that first Easter Sunday evening.  For those who had seen Him, there was the excited anticipation of possibly seeing Him again, of wondering when He might show up and what His plan would be.  For those who had not seen Him yet after the resurrection, there was a mixture of excitement, doubt, wondering if it could be true, and much more.

For the Pharisees and other religious leaders, and for Pilate, there was scrambling.  It was time to go into cover-up mode.  Time to start spreading lies about the disciples stealing the body, trying to discredit witnesses, trying to preserve their own positions and authority.


And for many in Jerusalem and throughout Israel, that first Easter Monday was no different than any other day.  Some hadn’t heard that Jesus had died; many had heard that He had, but didn’t know He had risen.  Some had heard that He had risen, but didn’t believe.

It’s interesting to consider the perspectives of people at the time.  But here’s a more important question – what does the day after Easter mean to you?

As you begin your Monday morning, what difference did Easter make for you?

Was Easter Sunday simply a reason to attend church for the first time in a very great while?  Was it an excuse to dress up for a rare occasion?  Was it an excuse to get the family to come along to church?  Was it a feel-good opportunity for you to ease your conscience in some way?

Or was Easter Sunday more than that?

Was it a reminder of the fact that you were bought with a price?  Was it reminder of your value to God?  Did it emphasize for you the lengths to which God would go to pursue a relationship with you?  Did Easter Sunday remind you of how much have to be grateful for?  Was it reminder of the incredible truth of the empty tomb, and all that the empty tomb means?

As you begin your week today, what difference did yesterday make in your life?

If you examine yourself honestly, the answer could tell you a lot.  Food for thought as we begin a new week.

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